Progressive Jackpot Games - About Online Casino Progressive Jackpot Games

If you are the kind of player who is always looking for the biggest prizes, the progressive jackpot games are the games for you. Almost every online casino today has some kind of progressive jackpot network, which could be linked to multiple online casinos, or it could be a local jackpot, which is linked to just one or two online casinos. This will depend on the operator and which software the site is powered by.

A progressive jackpot game will have a huge prize pool because there are so many players (in some cases millions of players) all playing for the same jackpots. In much the same way that a real life lotto prize pool climbs, progressive jackpots are also contributed to by many different players. For each stake wagered on that particular game (or jackpot), a certain amount of that stake will go towards the main pot.

The prizes will therefore reach staggering amounts when they are connected to much larger networks. To date, the Playtech, Microgaming and Realtime Gaming progressive jackpot networks have paid out countless millions in cash prizes.

Each online casino that has a progressive jackpot game will have them categorised in a certain way. For example, these games might be located in the ‘Jackpot Games’ section or the ‘Progressives’ section, or they might be in there normal category, such as under ‘Slots’ or ‘Card Games’ and they might just have the current prize pool or the word jackpot next to the title of the game. Either way, they should be easy to spot.

There is a standard rule usually found somewhere in the terms and conditions (or in the paytable) stating that the more you spend per hand/spin, the more chance you will have of being able to scoop a progressive jackpot. Some progressive jackpots over the past few years have frequently climbed to more than $5 million, making them instantly appealing to the vast majority of players. You can only play on a progressive jackpot game in the real cash mode and only after you have registered an account with the casino.